Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whales make great Nautical Decor!

Whale décor is popular with Nautical minded people! 

Whales are fascinating mammals.  I researched them several years ago when I became interested in carving one.  I was inspired by a trip I made to the San Francisco Maritime Museum. And a whale watching trip to Bar Harbor Maine. 

On our whale watching trip we took a boat out to where whales “hang out”.  The sea was like a lake, hardly a ripple.  The whales came to say hello!  They were humpbacks!  They bobbed and flipped and put on a real show. 

Whales grow to 110 feet and weigh up to 150 tons.  You don’t need one to step on your toe, that’s for sure. 

The first whale I carved was a sperm whale.  I liked the shape and their size—they are one of the largest whale and can also dive deeper than any other whale—diving over 9000 feet in pursuit of prey.  They are now protected due to the over hunting by whalers in the 1800’s.  Here is a photo of the whale I carved.  "He" is a little smaller than a full size humpback. My whale is about 40 inches wide and weighs about 12 pounds.  
 Large Whale Wall Plaque

After a few trips to the San Juan Islands in Washington State, I decided to carve Orca Whales.  These whales have beautiful form and coloring.   They have a tall dorsal fin and a black back, white chest and sides, and a white patch above and behind the eye.  They are also called Killer whales but are actually more closely related to other dolphins than to whales.

Here are the photos of the Orca whale signs
Orca Whale Welcome Sign
Orca Wall Art

Recently I was hired by Baleena Bay Pewter Company to do a sign for them.  I designed a double sided sign with their name on each side and my sperm whale carving on each side too.  I think it turned out pretty good!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday 2013 has ended

Personalized Beach House Welcome Sign
Fun Beach House Sign


 We have finished shipping out all of our Christmas orders and hoping everything arrived safe and sound!  Such a crazy time of year for us--very hard to keep up with all the custom orders!  But we have fun trying!

We did get some interesting personalized requests--here are some of our favorites:

door topper
This makes a great door topper
with any phrase you want
kitchen wall decor
A new customer call and asked if we would
 be offended by his request--not much offends us!

Personalized Beer Sign
German Beer Sign

Cabin Welcome Sign
Right before Christmas I finished
 a large Welcome Cabin sign.
 Here is a photo of one of the first ones I personalized:

Create your own road sing!
This one stands 3 feet tall.

Nautical custom sign
This is one of my favorite
Nautical signs
and looks great with a
custom wood hanging sign
If you have any ideas for custom signs give me a call!  I love to work on new concepts!
Happy New Year to you all.  I am wishing for a peace filled 2014.  Al Pisano

Monday, November 5, 2012

My favorite Italian Decor that reminds me of the "Old Neighborhood"

My Favorite Italian Decor pieces

As an Italian American from the Bronx New York, I was raised in a very Italian family and neighborhood.  My Grandmother only spoke Italian as did many of my Uncles.  So we were raised with phrases like Mangia Statti Zitto and Mangia Mangia. My Grandmother wrote on my 8th grade graduation card Buona Fortuna e Prosperita.  Sunday was reserved for big family dinners and we had a big family as my Mother had 13 siblings and my Father had 4 brothers.  As everyone knows, Italians look to cook and eat good food.  Our Sunday dinners had antipasto, Soup, Lasagna, Meatballs and Macaroni with sauce and lots of baked goods from our Aunt Milli.  On holidays we also had hot chestnuts and my uncles put fruit wedges in their wine.   I treasure all these memories and miss those big family gatherings.  Now our families are scattered around the United States and gone is the "old neighborhood" as I knew it in the Bronx.

I have tried to recreate some of those fond memories through my art and here are some of my favorite Italian Decor pieces that help remind me of the "old days" when we were always surrounded by our family.

The center of our house was the kitchen--as everyone knows Italians look to cook and eat. I created this Cucina Italiana sign to hang in any Italian kitchen.  I carved a rich array of Italian vegetables, Italian bread, fruit, cheese and a Chianti bottle.  Most of my Italian Kitchen Decor features carved Italian vegetables and at least 1 clove of garlic! 
 I recreated the wishes from my Grandmother with a plaque that says in Italian Good Fortune and Prosperity and carved an array of Italian vegetables, Italian sausages, Garlic, Peppers and Olive Oil. I created an old world Tuscan theme with a stone brick border with a wood ledge.

 All Italians love Mangia Mangia!  At our dinner table as soon as the food was set on the table we would hear from all the mothers Mangia Mangia!  

Family is the most important part of life to Italians and i created a plaque with the words Sempre Famiglia, or Family is Forever. This antique style plaque will work in any home decor and resonate perfectly with any Italian American family.  

My Uncles always made their own wine every year and bottled their wine in beautiful Chianti bottles. I carved a Wine Wall Decor plaque with those Chianti Bottles and we can even personalize these Wine Bottles with a name and date so it can be made into a nice tribute to honor our ancestors who made the difficult journey to America so many years ago.
Italian Kitchen Sign
Italian Kitchen Sign Cucina Italiana

Shut Up and Eat Italian Sign
Italian Kitchen Sign Shut Up and Eat

Italian Wall Decor Buona Fortuna e Prosperita which means Good Fortune and Prosperity

Italian Sign Mangia Mangia which means Eat Eat!

Italian Family Forever Sign 

Italian Wine Bottle Decor, Chianti Bottle

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